Create a meaningful, mindful, conscious holiday.
One that is inspiring … one that lasts!

Christmas is not meant to be a one-day holiday extravaganza. Christmas is a process to be moved through on the inside as well as on the outside.

“We need to fix Christmas. We have to stop buying into the notion that more is better and that extravagant, expensive gifts are equal to how much we care for one another. We need to stop believing that doing it all is productive and having it all is meaningful!”

Barbara Kilikevich reminds us to set our priorities straight and to get back to basics if we are to celebrate Christmas without the over-commercialization and hectic pace that accompanies it. In this book you will learn to . . .

  • Put your priorities in perspective and get back to the basics
  • Add meaning to Christmas without the added expense
  • Look at the season as a time of nurturing and inner peace
  • Replace the holiday hysteria with the true meaning of this holiday
  • Organize so you leave behind the hectic pace and holiday stress
  • Create holiday memories your children will cherish their entire lives

Written from a spiritual rather than a religious perspective, A Mindful Christmas is a comfortable read for all people who celebrate Christmas. It will guide you through the Christmas holiday season, and help you make this time of year meaningful and peaceful.

Filled with ideas and tips as well as stories that show anyone how to make this time of the year special, A Mindful Christmas is a journey through the Christmas season you will not want to miss. It will help you draw your focus away from the commercial aspects and toward the true meaning of Christmas: love, connections, hope and peace.