A Mindful Christmas Reviews…

“I always left it up to my church to celebrate Advent, for my wife to take care of Christmas and I hung the Christmas lights up on the outside of our house. After reading A Mindful Christmas, I’m bringing Advent into our home as a gift to my family.”

~ Brian S.

“Christmas is always overloaded with commitments for me. It’s just the way it is in my family. Now that I read A Mindful Christmas I’m looking forward to the Twelve Holy Nights and Three Kings Day as a way to renew and refine the coming year.”

~ Joanne H

“I didn’t realize how much I was just going through the motions of Christmas! A Mindful Christmas really did help me to take a look at the meaningfulness that I can create in my own Christmas experience.”

~ Debra D

“I have spent my entire adult life worrying about Christmas. What to buy everyone. Am I going to have enough time? Will I have enough money to cover all the expenses? Is this what Christmas is all about? This beautifully written book has taught me how to celebrate and how to make the most of my time. It doesn’t have to be a challenge. It really can be simple. Most importantly, it reminded me of what Christmas is really all about.”

~ Maria B

“When I read A Mindful Christmas I was amazed at how much I learned! Christmas has so much more meaning now.”

~ Victoria T

“I love A Mindful Christmas! The time line/calendar is great…helps me organize my thoughts and gives me a place to start so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. The story of Saint Nicholas was new to me. I never knew all of that. The stockings and candy canes make more sense to me now. It doesn’t seem so frivolous anymore. Your book does make me feel a little less anxious about this holiday.”

~ Yvette H